Blackboards – Huh? What are they?

Did you know that the chalk board was invented in the 1800s and the whiteboard in the 1950s? Ask your child, a young niece or nephew or your neighbour’s kids, what a blackboard is and quite often they’ll look at you like you’re speaking a foreign language. Worrying? No, it shouldn’t be, because it quite simply means that their schools are moving with the times and embracing technology.

You might know that over the last 10 years’, the classroom buzzword was ‘IWB’, also known to us as ‘Interactive Whiteboards’, but guess what, that’s also set to change! Now, the keyword focus is on ‘collaboration’. Interactive Whiteboards continue to serve their purpose, but interactive touch screens offer an all-round integrated solution for both teachers and students and are set to become a mainstay in classrooms for years to come.

Take the VIVIDtouch VTF interactive touch screens, for example, they are not only built with an anti-glare display, but they come packaged with integrated speakers and energy saving ambient light sensors. So, gone will be the days of teachers’ closing blinds to get a clear display, having to buy add-on speakers and convince decision-makers that the energy-consumption of the obligatory projector is worth it. More importantly, the connectivity options that interactive touch screens, like the VIVIDtouch VTF’s, support are endless. You can have up to 10 touches on the screen at any one time, students can zoom in and out, manipulate images, all whilst enjoying a clear and crisp display.

Chalk boards, whiteboards and now Interactive Whiteboards were all revolutionary for their time, but remember the screeching sound from the chalk, the race to rub the board and having to strain to get a good look at the screen? Well, whilst we might, the children of the future most certainly won’t!

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Just imagine


Imagine simplicity in a touchscreen. The ability to walk straight into a meeting and get to work without the need of plugging in your laptop, making sure your touchscreen is on the right source or struggling to set up technology that you don’t really know how to use.

Imagine being able to walk up to a touchscreen, and in front of you is the familiar Windows 10 operating system which you use every day. Being able to access Microsoft Office programmes and Office 365 by simply signing into your account as you would on your laptop.

Imagine being able to capture and share meeting notes and content onto any device or email for external viewing and editing.

Imagine a white boarding software that is specifically designed and optimised for Windows 10 with InGlass™ Technology. Being able to simply write, save and distribute your content easily.


VIVIDtouch™’s VTF range makes all of your dreams come true.

With the sleek new touchscreens being powered by Windows 10, you have access to Microsoft Office programmes, Office 365 and also Microsoft Edge – all at the tip of your fingers.

Not to forget the ability to access notebooks directly from the VIVIDtouch display with OneNote.

And the new VIVIDtouch Note software allows you to use simple white boarding software optimised for Windows 10.

All your collaboration needs have been built at the forefront of this new VIVIDtouch VTF range. What more could you wish for.

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We will also be demonstrating VIVIDtouch boards at our Wiltshire ICT Day!


(courtesy of the VIVIDtouch Blog)

VIVIDtouch Screens – Why Windows 10?

WhyWindows10Why not Android™? What is so special about Windows 10 built in a touch screen?

How will it benefit me in the classroom…?

Well to start, familiarity is key. Millions of laptops and PCs used at home are operated by Microsoft® Windows. There is no need to learn a whole new system just for work and be worried about your students knowing more than you. This renowned layout is recognisable and known throughout the world bringing ease-of-use to the forefront of our VIVIDtouch™ panels.

No more extra baggage. Walk up to the touch screen, log straight in to your Office 365 account and access all of your pre-prepared content immediately. No need to worry about laptops or missing USBs, just get straight down to teaching.

With Windows OneNote, Sway and mobile versions of PowerPoint®, Excel® and Word all included out of the box, your VIVIDtouch touch screen has all the applications that you need built in. Mix this with the ever growing Windows App Store to inspire lessons, complement curriculum and encourage engagement with familiar apps like Minecraft and Kodu, you will be sure to have a classroom of willing to learn and engaged students.

This is only the start of Windows 10, so why not contact us to find out more?

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(courtesy of the VIVIDtouch Blog)

VIVIDtouch Live at Wiltshire ICT Day


A new generation of touch screens will be unwrapped at the Wiltshire ICT Day on Thursday 21st April.

If you visited BETT on 20-23 January, you will have struggled to not have noticed the sea of green VIVIDtouch bags being carried around the ExCel. The reason? VIVIDtouch, Futurforms’ latest product, launched its next generation touch screens with a live unwrapping at 10.30am on 20th January. With key and unrivalled USPs.

If you were unable to visit BETT, then come along to our Wiltshire ICT Day on Thursday 21st April, we will be showcasing the latest VIVIDtouch VTF-6500 with inGlass technology and embedded Windows 10.

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Introducing VIVIDtouch touchscreens!


“A game changer” With a Windows 10 Operating System, the VIVIDtouch screens offer the education market something no other panel does. A build-in INTEL Quad Core processor means users can access, manage and create content, quickly, easily and intuitively. Access to thousands of educational apps through the Windows App Store, makes the VIVIDtouch screens a “game changer” for education in technology.

Key features, Revolutionary InGlass™ technology, connectivity and control keys on the front of the screen, a built-in Windows 10 player and low power consumption, are but a few of the key features on the VIVIDtouch screens.

The feedback on the new touch screens was outstanding; both in person and on social media. Ben Clarke, Network Manager, Luckley House School, said: “I couldn’t fault the VIVIDtouch screens, and believe me I do try my hardest during a demo!”

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(courtesy of the VIVIDtouch Blog)